Performance characteristics

  • 44Kw/59Hp Maximum Power
  • 28-30Rpm Cutter Speed Rotation
  • 16mm, 32mm, 50mm or 75mm Cutter Width
  • 900mm x 500mm
  • Cutting Chamber Opening
  • Rated To Shred Up To 3000KG Per Hour
  • 76Dba @ 1 Meter (No Load)
  • Recommended In-Feed:Conveyor Belt
  • Recommended Out-Feed: Conveyor Belt
  • Electronic and Hydraulic Controls
  • Mobile Application

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Technical Specifications

Physical Dimensions

Shredder Only

Total Height
Total Length
Total Width (Shredder Frame)
Shredder Chamber Opening

2100mm 3140mm 1000mm
900mm x 500mm



EV85C Electrically Driven By Generator


Number of Motors:
Pump For Conveyors

2 x 22KW (59 HP) 3 Phase 415 Volts 1x 7.5 KW (10 HP) 3 Phase 415 Volts

Number of Gearboxes Type of Gearboxes

2x Planetary Reduction

Cutter Width Options

16mm, 32mm, 50mm or 75mm


Cutting Chamber Opening
Floor Footprint Dimensions
In Feed Conveyor Height Extended for Loading

Weight (Dry)

900mm x 500mm
3200mm x 1500mm
800mm From Ground Level
(With a Truck Deck Height of 1200mm)
7500KG Including 20 Foot Long ISO High Cube Shipping Container

Capacity/ Throughput Rate for Multi Waste products

3000kg per hour*

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact your nearest distributor/ agent for up-to-date specifications prior to purchase.