Shredding Videos

Evashred New Zealand

Evashred Tyre Debeading Machine

 Evashred EV60E shredding plastic film on roll

 Evashred Panther EV110E shredding various products.

Evashred EV60E shredding wood

Evashred EV60E shredding a 44 gallon steel drum

Evashred EV45E shredding 2 reams of paper at once

Evashred EV110E shredding tyres using a force feed hopper

Evashred EV60E shredding computers

Evashred EV30E shredding a ream of paper

Evashred EV60E shredding  car tyres

Foam Rubber bale weighing 400KG being shred by Evashred Panther EV110E

Evashred EV45E shredding computer hard drives

Evashred EV45E shredding computer hard drives video 2

Evashred EV110C Mobile shredder in a container for tyre shredding

Evashred EV60E shredding E-Scrap

Single phase Evashred  EV25E Hard Drive Shredder

Evashred Bin Tipper

Evashred EV65E shredding phone books

Evashred EV65E shredding tyres

Evashred EV30E shredding 500 pages of paper at a time

Evashred EV60E shredding glass bottles

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